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John R Ward, photographer, produces photography for advertising design and editorial clients producing creative advertising photography, product photography, abstract colourful bold vivid still life photography, still-life photography, brochure photography, catalogue photography, people photography, portrait photography, corporate photography, interiors photography, studio photography, and location photography for advertising agencies, graphic design companies and publishing companies. The photography can be carried out in John Ward's studio in west London England, UK, or on location around London UK Great Britain. Digital shooting is now more popular than film with packshots, pack shots and product photography is as popular as the more creative photography or photographic assign or commission. Packshots or pack shots are simple photographs of product products which are carried out at competitive rates at John R Ward's studio London UK. Blow-up encompasses commissioned and stock work of John R Ward. John Ward professional freelance photographer produces photography involving film and digital techniques at the Blow-up studio in London UK. If you have a fixed budget, please use the 'get quote' page, which provides a simple way to submit the sort of information required for a preliminary quote or estimate. Quatations based on day rates or rate card comparisons may not offer the best price as pricing and costs will not be tailored to your individual situation.

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